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El Gouna Services

Hassle Free Holiday:
El Gouna is a self-sufficient holiday destination with all the services and amenities needed for comfortable living and hassle-free holidays. The town offers a full range of facilities and services related to transportation, education, accommodation, communication, health, security, home upkeep, and more.

Financial Information:
Local currency is the Egyptian Pound (EGP or LE). Most of the six banks have ATMs, which take bank cards and major credit cards. Stand-alone ATMs are also available in some hotels as well as the Downtown and Marina areas. All El Gouna banks offer official currency exchange services, but it is advisable to arrive with either US$, UK£, Euros, or travelers checks to simplify money transactions. Please note that most El Gouna restaurants and retailers generally do not accept credit cards, preferring cash transactions in Egyptian pounds.

Childcare and Primary Education:
El Gouna is home to a variety of pre-, primary and secondary schools. While the El Gouna International School provides international curriculum for grades K-12.

El Gouna Library – Embassy of Knowledge:
A nonprofit technological and cultural extravaganza in a breathtaking architectural setup! Honored to be the primary branch of the renowned Bibliotheca Alexandrina, El Gouna Library has online resources of over 150,000 digitized rare books and manuscript collections. A main reading room, private study rooms (equipped with PCs), an outdoor courtyard with reading booths and a cafeteria welcome patrons.
Being home to one of six Culturamas in Egypt, El Gouna library welcomes guests to unravel the mystery of Egypt’s history in no less than 65 minutes!
Working Hours: Everyday from 10am to 10pm
Entrance Fee: €1/person/day
For booking and information: T (+2 065) 358 0023, F (+2 065) 358 0023,

Continuing Education:
El Gouna is home to the satellite campus of Technische Universität Berlin (TUB). TU Berlin offers three master’s degree programs – Energy Engineering, Urban Development, and Water Engineering. All three of them started in the winter semester of the 2011/2012 academic year. The TUB campus, whose complex includes a large lecture hall, library, and seven additional buildings housing seminar rooms, offices, and laboratories, extends over usable area of about 10,000 square meters.
El Gouna is also home to the John D. Gerhart Field Station of the American University in Cairo. This state-of-the-art field station houses a computer room, laboratory, restaurant, and kitchen as well as storage and housing facilities. The center offers continuing education courses in marine biology. Additionally, The German Hotel School Elgouna offers vocational training with courses specific to the hotel service industry. Training is carried out according to German guidelines regarding the Dual System. After successfully completing the training, students are examined and certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) in Leipzig, thereby receiving an internationally recognized diploma.

Medical Services:
El Gouna has a fully-equipped, state-of-the-art hospital that provides 24-hour emergency care as well as in- and out-patient care as well as a hyperbaric chamber for diving emergencies. The hospital has a total of ten clinics staffed by physicians that provide a range of high-quality medical surgery, care and treatment in the fields of dentistry, plastic surgery, pediatrics, ophthalmology, general surgery and intensive care with ambulances serving throughout the Red Sea area. 

Contacts: T (+2 065) 358 0012-18, Emergency (+2 065) 358 0011, F (+2 065) 358 0020, El Gouna Hospital,

El Gouna offers a variety of transportation options within the resort, from regular shuttle bus and taxi boat to limousine and tok tok service.

All major European tour operators have offices throughout the region and will provide you with on the ground facilitation for excursions bookings and special arrangements tailored to meet your specific needs.